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Welcome to the Way Out

What is the Way Out Venue?

Way Out is a unique, multi-functional space which lies in the heart of the community of Glastonbury. Featuring three unique venues over two floors, the space represents a refreshed opportunity to renew life in an otherwise tired and disregarded environment. With unique views over the historic Abbey ruins and a quiet, hidden courtyard away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street, it should feel like home to visitors and locals alike.

How You Can Help

We really need your help with supporting the project, which you can do by becoming a member and getting involved at this early stage. The space is open to all sorts of ideas and contributions and in return, as a member, you’ll have a chance to voice or even implement the activities you’d like to see come to our venue. You’ll get access to exclusive member-only features and events.

We want to build up a regular schedule of workshops, groups and activities in the day and intersperse them with special days of entertainment, gatherings, interest groups, celebration and inclusive fun!

Our future is bright and exciting with forthcoming events, further details of which we’ll release soon. These include Hemp Fest, The Festival Of Lights, Benny Betane, Film Club, Members Lounge and more…

Walk Your Talk – Become a Way Out Hero!
Click here to join as a member now!! 

Standard membership is just £30 per year
Supporter membership is £100 per year

There are loads of potential benefits to becoming a member – for us, it an opportunity to build a solid member-base both locally and on a wider scale, attracting numerous opportunities to the town which would benefit all involved. From local community meetings, day workshops, fun learning and educational activities for children, support and space for community-interest groups  to conferences, fine music and parties, everything is possible…we want YOUR INPUT!

Being a member means helping us to achieve a vision of bringing good, progressive positive energy to the heart of our community and turning that inspiration into practical reality – and making it available and attractive for all walks of life.
It also shows us that people are in support of the space and our direction. It gives us renewed vigour to bring this great building back to operational use.
You’ll help us financially too, to keep us rolling forward at a healthy pace.

As a member, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reductions on entry prices to public events we organise
  • Priority entry to our events, workshops, conferences etc. (we’ll hold a certain percentage of places for members until close to event start during public events that have a capacity limit – so members can decide, last minute, to attend and still get in!)
  • Reduced prices on food and snack items and also drinks
  • Advanced info on what we’re planning to produce over the season (and this is where we’d hope some of our members would benefit and get involved)
  • Up to 10% off purchases from our wholefood retail section
  • The use of our spaces at a reduced cost of hire (all events held in hired space require an approved application)
  • Reduced cost for using any other in-house service we may provide over time (these services will mature gradually)

Volunteer to help

Sometimes it not always about money. People have kindly donated their time to help us for the love of seeing something good happen sooner… if you feel inspired by our space, then please talk to us on our opening day or even organise a meeting with us before then – if you can’t wait to see what we’re up to…

So, when is it opening?


Find us between 10am and 4pm through the main Silver Street entrance or via the Abbey Mews Shopping Arcade.
When the Mews Arcade closes, you can still get to us via our main Silver Street entrance.

We open on Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am until 4pm . Occasional Sunday opening (season and weather dependent).
Our winter phase is nearly upon us and we’re preparing our main venue area indoors and expect to be open regularly until 9.30pm.