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Terms & Conditions Of Membership & Entry

It’s all very well being a member of something but what does it actually mean? We hope to do things a little different here at the Way Out.

Any corrections, questions, errors or omissions, please email members@wayout.space

Our Terms & Conditions of Membership and Entry are, hopefully, easy to understand and easier to abide by:

  1. Our members (you) are expected to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Membership and Entry at all times whilst on any property operated by Space Relic Ltd (we/our) or in the vicinity of our premises on Silver Street.
  2. We expect that our members respect our neighbours desire to live undisturbed by activity when members arrive at and leave our premises. We must insist that members do not make unnecessary loud noises or exhibit boisterous behaviour in Silver Street and reports of disturbances caused by our members may result in those responsible forfeiting their membership permanently.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel, revoke, annul any active membership and may refuse entry to any person without having to state a reason. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of membership at any time, though we will inform members of any changes in where reasonable.
  4. We expect our members to respect every other member’s right to enjoy our premises without the threat of violent, boisterous or unreasonable behaviour. Anyone found to be behaving in an ‘unreasonable manner’ will be asked to leave the premises and management reserves the right to cancel any active membership as a result. We want to promote a sense of collective responsibility for the welfare of others whilst attending Way Out.
  5. Membership benefits include be able to bring non-members in to our premises for evening events. Non-members can expect to receive membership-reduced prices whilst in the venue for that evening or event only. We reserve the right to change or adjust this arrangement at any point depending on circumstances. Standard members may bring 1 (non-member) guest with them per event. Supporter members may bring 3 guests (non-members). The facility to buy tickets as a member for non-members will be made available on our website soon.
  6. Members who sign in non-members for an evening event must take FULL responsibility for the behaviour of their guests and stand to forfeit their membership if their visitors breach the terms and conditions of membership and entry.
  7. Members will be expected to produce some form of member ID when purchasing anything for a reduced member rate on-site or online. This may be in the form of a card, unique code or readable chip – our system is not yet ready so we’ll keep you informed accordingly,
  8. Any questions, complaints, suggestions or help regarding any aspect of membership should be addressed to: members@wayout.space
  9. Your subscription to our membership is managed by PayPal. If you do not wish to continue your subscription to Way Out, please cancel your subscription in your PayPal account.
  10. Member prices and options may change at any time. We are planning to introduce other membership options for visitors to the town and shorter term membership options at some point in the coming months.
  11. We reserve the right to close the venue in part or full to continue building works for various periods through-out the coming years. During this time, we will have very limited or no public or member functions. We will extend everybody’s membership accordingly to make up for lost time and let you know in advance where possible.
  12. Every member MUST take full responsibility for any children under the age of 16 whilst they are attending our premises. Children who are aged 16 or under must always be accompanied by a responsible adult member (18+). Occasionally, we may hold events which include activities that have increased risk for young people (such as fire juggling shows, activities that involve the use of sharp tools etc.) and will advise accordingly about the risks involved before allowing children to take part.
  13. Way Out does not and will not ever accept liability for any injury caused whilst taking part in an activity lead or run by a third party using our premises. We expect all of our sub-contractors to hold relevant insurance for public activity that carries risk.
  14. You may be asked, for certain activities, to sign an additional disclaimer prior to participation.
  15. If you purchase membership then you agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

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